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Hey Homepage

Publish your content

Hey Homepage comes with an easy-to-use system where you can login to change your website. It works on computers, tablets and smartphones.

Check out some screenshots to see how the system works.

Create webpages and arrange them in the navigation menus as you like. There's a main navigation at the top for your most important pages. These pages can have pages underneath in the subnavigation. At the bottom you can put pages in the footer navigation. You can also leave pages out of a navigation menu, it then becomes a free page that you can link to from somewhere else.

Add texts and make them more expressive with markup like bold and italic. Turn words or sentences into a hyperlink that redirects visitors elsewhere, whether it's a page on your website or another website. Layout your message even clearer with ordered and unordered lists. Or draw attention to certain paragraphs by putting them inside a quote.

Upload images and they will arrange themselves into a nice row or grid. This way, more pictures together become a photo album automatically. Show it full width to present more of an image, or let the text nicely wrap around it. Click the image to zoom in, or click the image to follow a link, your choice. Add a caption if you wish. Or crop to show only a part of the image.

Upload videos to your own website. Use them as bonus content, or as a backup for the videos on your YouTube channel. You can add videos to every page, just like texts and images.

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