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RSS: Really Social Sites

RSS is a well-known technique which already has proven itself over the years. It's meant for keeping subscribers updated about news and changes on your website. We use the word 'subscribers' very flexible, because there's no permission required to be subscribed to an RSS feed. Everybody with news reader software can access and see your RSS feed.

In the past you needed a separate news reader program. Hey Homepage does it differently. Publishing your own feed and getting updates from other feeds is now integrated into one application.

We think it's a peaceful and friendly way of doing social media. In the spirit of the original worldwide web.

In the past, RSS was an abbreviation for something else. We now like to call it Really Social Sites.

See some screenshots of our RSS functionality.
Experience a 'really social site' yourself with a free website.

Or take a look at Hey Homepage's own RSS timeline and follow our feed with your RSS reader.

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