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Start a free website now

Hey Homepage offers everybody a free website! You can start immediately and be online within seven seconds. Go check it out now, it's fun! Especially with our Really Social Sites functions.

Start your free website! You can use all functions from our website package, even Forms and Webshop.

Why can it be free? Because you also offer a paid website package.
With a free site you can use all our functionality. From creating pages to using the visitor statistics. You can even use the custom forms with automatic email replies, or a webshop to sell stuff and receive money. We can offer that for free, because there's a maximum storage size to a free account. A paid account has 2 GB of storage, a free site only 100 MB. Still plenty enough storage for a medium-sized website with a lot of text and images.
Also with a free site, emails from your forms or webshop will be sent from our system email address ([email protected]). With a paid website, emails will be sent from your own domain name and email address, like [email protected]. With a free site you can still receive notifications on your own personal email address that you already have.

How do you make money then? Going to sell my data?
No, that would be impossible, because we don't even have your email address. You can signup for a free website without an email address. We also don't collect data from your website visitors, or place ads everywhere on your website. We simply hope that you like our product, grow your project or business, and one day come back for more services or products from Hey Homepage.

What if my free website exceeds the maximum storage size? Going to hold my data hostage?
If your free website runs out of storage size one day, then you have two options. You can upgrade to a paid website and have way more storage for a small price. Or you can delete old content from your website and try to reduce image files in size, for example. Whatever you decide in that case, you can always export your data and start a website somewhere else. Your data is your data!

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