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About Hey Homepage

Hey Homepage is an initiative from Hello Website. Started in 2018 by Bram - an opinionated application builder, product creator and internet advisor from The Netherlands with 25+ years of web experience. Together with an enthusiastic team of curious people, he explores the creative vanguard of technology and humanity.

Hello Website is an easy-to-use no-code do-it-yourself website builder for small businesses and organisations. You do the style and content, we have your back.

Hey Homepage has extra social features in the form of a Timeline, a Shared Linklist and accompanying RSS feed. Connect directly with other websites to stay updated, whether they use Hey Homepage or Wordpress or another system. Big tech and asocial media are not necessary to have a fulfilling web presence. It's built for individuals who are done with big tech platforms. At Hey Homepage we adhere to proven protocols, not to ever changing platforms.

Meet the team that made Hey Homepage possible.

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