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Visitor statistics

Useful statistics about your visitors, without the sleazy tracking. It's possible.

Hey Homepage comes with built-in functionality for gathering visitor statistics. We do this without leaving tracking cookies, without third party code running on our websites, and without 'fingerprinting' visitors in any other way. So your visitors are respected by our system.

You as the webmaster of your own website would like to know something about your visitors. How many are there? When do they come? Which sites do link to your website and give you visitors? Where are your visitors from? Do they stay, or go away? What pages do they visit?

These questions are answered by our system. You can see that today you had visitors around 3:00 PM, probably 7 unique visitors with around 25 page hits. These visitors came from China, the US, Brazil and Germany. Well, that's an educated guess, because we base this on the browser language of the visitor. Also people in Europe sometimes set their browser language to English-US, but we see the timezone being from the US. We can see some of them coming from Google search engine, and some other clicked a link on this webforum to visit our site. We can see they visit our homepage the most, and after that page A and page B are popular. Most of the visitors use a small device like a smartphone or small tablet, but we also see some people visiting our website from a big screen.

These are the thing our visitor statistics can tell you!

See how your visitor statistics look at the screenshots of the website builder.

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