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Internet Friendly

Hey Homepage is Internet Friendly.

Which means we dislike spam and cookie banners. We also dislike big tech offering all kinds of free code snippets to naive webdesigners, so big tech can track all their visitors.

We also dislike unnecessary middle men. If you want to communicate with your mother or a friend, it's totally unnecessary for some unknown sleazy entity to eaves drop on your conversations. It might be necessary for big tech to do this (and lie about intentions), but you're not helped with it in any way.

Next, we dislike so called 'social media'. There's nothing social about yet another middle men trying to dictate what you see, what you like, how you feel, and how to behave. Their algorithm is not your god, so stop praying to it.

That's a lot of dislike for friendly people. But hear us out...

Instead of disliking and complaining, we built an alternative.

Hey Homepage and Hello Website don't track your visitors, so we don't have to present an annoying cookie banner. Still, we got very good visitor statistics without using sleazy code snippets from big tech. The visitor statistics are probably better than the ones from big tech, because we don't rely on javascript and so we don't get blocked by ad blockers.

We also don't do third party code snippets. Basically every website out there has this. Is your website based on Wordpress? You're probably using all kinds of third party code snippets without realizing it. To mention some: that Facebook thumbs up icon, your Google Analytics, your Google Fonts, some comment system for your blog, some chat bot in the downright corner, etc. We are not even talking about websites that run ads, and therefor have shitloads of external code snippets loaded.

The web is inherently social. That was one of the biggest appeals when the web grew exponentially in the nineties. It's a shame that big tech centralized everything, and people now go to some 'walled gardens' to experience the web (or what's left of it). There are some almost forgotten techniques to make the web more social, and Hey Homepage builds on these to resurrect the social web. It's called RSS and we use it to connect websites with websites, without depending on some middle men. RSS stood for 'syndication' or something, but we still don't know what that means. So we decided to rename it to 'Really Social Sites'.

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