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Hey Homepage

Self Hosting for Devs and Nerds

Open source software, but not free and open source software.

It's almost free, and you get a lot of freedom. Especially if you choose to buy the source code, instead of using our website package as a service. Stay in control with a self-hosted website from Hey Homepage.

For the one-time price of EUR 123,- you buy a lifetime license, you get the source code, and you can use/edit this code in any way you like. The only thing you're not allowed to do is resell the source code. You can use it for commercial purposes and even use it to build a website for your clients.

Some experience with setting up software and using an FTP program to transfer files comes in handy. But it's pretty straight forward, so if you don't have experience but do have some determination, then you can probably get it working within an afternoon. The source code comes with installation instructions.

Our licensing module does not phone home, so your website is pretty independent. The only two things you need are a (cheap) webhosting package and a domain name.

You can buy one license key for one website, or you can buy three license keys for three websites with some discount. If you want to deploy more websites, please get in contact to hear about the possibilities. We have white label options, bulk discount, reseller options, and partnership options.

You can join the waitlist if you are interested in getting the source code and self-hosting your website.

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