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The simplest webshop thinkable!

Our webshop has two unique selling points:

  • No payment service providers required. Just get paid to your bank account or Paypal wallet.
  • You can sell not only physical goods, but also service appointments and digital files.

This makes it very cheap and easy to setup.

But this is not for everybody. If you sell small margin commodity goods, you are better suited with a payment provider that can handle instant fulfillment. If you sell goods that customers themselves can highly customize on your website, than a webshop with these capabilities is better suited.

Our webshop is not separate from the website. You can place product buttons wherever you want and on any page. You can go for a collection of products on one page, or make a dedicated page for each product. Or a combination of both, it's up to you.

Physical goods can be offered with a little customization for the customer. Let's say you sell a certain kind of t-shirt where your customer can decide on what name to print on it. You can ask the customer for directions right below the button for this product. Or you sell handmade furniture and the customer can choose from different kind of woods.

Service appointments are basically prepaid reservations. You decide on your availability and customers can select and pay in advance for a time slot. Whether that's an appointment for a haircut at home, a yoga class around the corner, or a consultancy session by phone or videocall.

Digital files can also be offered in your webshop. No more emailing the same file to your customers over and over again, the webshop system can handle that for you. Whether you sell digital art work, e-books, music samples or short videos, you can sell it with the Hey Homepage webshop.

See some screenshots of how the webshop works.
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